Beach Battle Makes The Age


An article appeared in The Age (Melbourne) today, titled No nudes good news for beach towns (Click here to read). We were concerned with the title initially, and the first paragraph, since both seem to indicate that the issue is between nudists and the local communities. Obviously we are all aware that it is Australia’s nudists vs 4 local councillors, 3 of which have been very quiet on their support of their ring leader (master?) Cr Ron Humphrey since our response to his appallingly prepared and executed motion.

But credit to Rachel Kleinman (the journalist responsible), she does only dedicate half of the article to Cr Ron’s repeated ramblings (and note we’re still waiting for him to utter a verifiable fact!!), and uses the rest of the article to present some actual facts, such as:

Victoria Police’s Surf Coast Inspector Bill Mathers said there had been no sexual assaults reported at Point Impossible in recent years.

… the row over nudity was more a “social and community than a police issue”. (Inspector Bill Mathers)

“Wilful and obscene exposure occurs everywhere, it is not necessarily connected to nudist beaches,” Inspector Mathers said

“We were being informed of a really responsible and strategic process that was overturned (by Cr Humphrey’s motion),” Cr Mears said.

The decision clearly rests with the Minister – obviously the nudist community is eager to be involved in this process, being directly affected by any decisions that are made. Of concern is the comment from Minister Hulls spokeswoman Claire Miller, who stated:

“We will be considering the councils’ requests and consulting with them,” Ms Miller said.

What about consulting with the Victorian Nudist community? I hope this was an oversight of the news article, and not a stance of the Minister’s office to exclude the community from the consultation process!!

Everyone please keep writing those letters – the Addresses page has been updated with new contact details

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