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This one happened a week ago, we’ve only just found the audio now (in fact, since the nudist community does not appear to have been invited to comment, we’re lucky to have found it at all!). At the end of this article is a link to a snippet of audio from Cr Ron Humphrey’s interview on ABC’s Radio National on Sept 5 breakfast with Fran Kelly. You can read the story (Click here to read) and download the entire show (Ron’s at the end of the second segment). Or you can just click the link at the end of this post to listen directly.

To summarise, Fran Kelly asked a couple of interesting questions that hinted at some underlying knowledge of the issue, but did not appear to have the time (or the willingness) to really hold Ron up to the light and check the transparency of some of his statements. In true Ron form, here’s some of our observations from the interview:

  • Ron admits that only Pt Impossible is the target of the council motion, and cites growth of Torquay as the justification
  • Ron admits that the problems are not related specifically to nude bathing
  • Ron seemed to have a problem expressing himself in the middle of the interview, stuttering over “depraved behaviour”, while also failing to attribute said behaviour to nudists (or to anyone specifically for that matter!!)
  • Apparently Ron has been approached by 15 of his neighbours reporting they’ve been accosted and approached, yet again no nudist has been accused of these activities, and yet again the police report no sexual assaults recorded (but we already knew that!)
  • Talking about police reports, apparently stats aren’t collected according to Ron, unless the calls go through 000. Yet Torquay police informed us that all calls are recorded (and that makes sense – how could a policing system be relied on if the local station didn’t record every report they received!! We can accept the odd paperwork problem, but a local police station that doesn’t record anything – come on Ron, you’re stretching!!)
  • Ron claims Torquay police have run “undercover operations… trying to catch these people, and it’s very difficult” – given Ron’s penchant for avoiding facts wherever possible, our money is on no operations ever existing!! We would have thought if this behaviour was as bad as Ron makes out, surely an undercover operation is overkill for a problem so obvious (and he admits there aren’t enough police in general, so who’s running these operations anyway???)
  • Apparently Pt Impossible is advertised on Gay websites as a meeting place. Funnily enough, it’s also advertised as a nudists meeting place, and it is advertised as a clothing optional beach around the world. Perhaps Ron is actually suggesting that the depraved behaviour is coming from the Gay community – I’m sure they’ll take that accusation on the chin…
  • Apparently (and this one is a show stopper!!), “the nudists are leading the push at the Mornington one (Sunnyside) to shut it down because of the behaviour down there” – wow, that’s the first we’ve heard of that, and the Melbourne_nudists-naturists community are big users of Sunnyside beach at Mt Eliza – we certainly are not pushing for anything except better facilities!!

There’s plenty more gold where that all came from. As usual, Ron is behaving true to form – not a verifiable fact to be seen anywhere, lots of specious arguments supported by emotive rhetoric, and this time around he even topped his previous best by also trying to link three different topics (the beach, the nudist community and the gay community) into one almighty argument supporting his cause.

Have a listen to the audio and make up your own mind – We would have liked Fran Kelly (Radio NAtional presenter) to hold a candle a bit closer to Ron’s paper-thin commentary, particularly since (as usual) we were not given an opportunity to comment. Such is our battle – and so it continues.

You can listen to the audio – Click here (credit to ABC’s Radio National)

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