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An extended article appeared in The Age today, “Life in the buff zone” (Click here to read) which covers most of the issues in a balanced way. There is a section at the start of the article where there are a couple of references specifically stating that nudists were the cause of the beach troubles (“…neighbour’s daughter was accosted by an aroused naturist”) – it’s hard to tell if it’s Humphrey spin, or journalist misunderstanding, since we all know that simply being naked a nudist does not make, and certainly no member of any nudist group/club/association would ever dream of doing something so irresponsible as approaching people while aroused – it’s completely counter to the whole nudist philosophy and lifestyle, so we’re disappointed that inappropriate behaviour and nudism have yet again been linked unfairly.

As usual, Ron seems to mix and match his arguments depending on which way the wind is blowing – in the past he wanted the beach status revoked because of innappropriate behaviour of the nudists, then it was because Torquay is in growth mode. In this article, he’s decided it should be revoked because “You’d want to have a serious look at the devastation they’re doing to the dunes at Point Impossible. They’re tunnelling and cutting furrows through it.”. Does someone want to point out to Ron that the tunnelling was actually kids at Whites Beach near his house (who even came forward and owned up to it!!) – oh, hang on, he already knew that!!

Good work from Rob and Anita for their contributions (Rob is one of our stalwarts throughout this whole extravaganza, without his tireless efforts we would have already lost the beaches!). Also thanks to Werner Jacob, president of the Nudist Association of Victoria, for his positive comments that represent our ideals and beliefs so well… and we did particularly like the comment about wearing a raincoat in the shower (because its the same as wearing a bathing suit to swim, you know!!). Credit also to the journalist, Annie Lawson, for making the best attempt yet to cover the issue beyond simply glossing over the surface.

Things are still happening in the background, but more media attention is definitely good. Please keep writing those letters of support, the war is not won yet!!

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  1. Comment by bendigonudey:

    The quote was Rons:

    \”Liberal Party member and Surf Coast Shire councillor Ron Humphrey is leading the campaign to close Point Impossible beach to nudists. He claims that a friend, who runs a Tiger Moth scenic flights company nearby, observed nudist sex romps in the sand dunes while flying over the area, and that his neighbours daughter was accosted by an aroused naturist. He says hes had at least 15 people complain about the unsavoury behaviour of nude sunbathers, although the local police said no sexual assaults had been reported at the beach in recent years.\”

    Again, of course, it raises the issue of why people in Torquay would report things like this to Ron, but not go to the police. And the police have personally confirmed to me that they dont have a problem with Point Impossible.


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