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Today we received our first official communication from the State Government, in the form of a status letter from Ian Voigt, Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) Regional Director South West. Ian states that councils responsible for all 4 Victorian beaches have asked for either revocation or review, and that DSE “is currently preparing advice for the Minister for his consideration and a decision on the way forward.” You can read the full letter here (Click here to read)

It was nice to get official communication, after all these months of wondering if our cries were being heard. But it’s not nice to get confirmation that all the beaches are under attack!!

We’re surprised that councils and the State Government think revocation of clothing optional beaches is a step forward in our current society. Cape D’Agde in France brings in 300,000 visitors every year from all over the world, because they have invested in infrastructure and facilities for a booming nudist tourist industry. In Europe more beaches are clothing optional than not (and even some parks in some town centres). Nudists are willing to spend their hard earned dollars where quality facilities are located – does Surf Coast Shire want to lose those tourist dollars to people willing to travel to Sydney or Adelaide because Victoria is heading backwards towards where Queensland is currently??? Does Mornington realise that inappropriate activity in the carpark won’t go away if you ban the nudists from the beach 300 meters away!!

All it would take is the realisation that nudists on the beaches are in the best position to improve the situation. Ban the nudists, and there’ll be nothing stopping the inappropriate behaviour at poorly used beaches if there aren’t any crowds.

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2 comments to “Update letter received from DSE”

  1. Comment by bendigonudey:

    Just when were starting to get some positive noises again, the whole thing takes off downhill with us again having to scramble to keep up!

    Perhaps if they want to review the beaches, they should do a proper review.

    Let’s take the challenge up to them!

    First: If you haven’t done so already, please write to Hulls before Monday – contact details are available from the main page.

    Second: Send us details of other “unofficial” beaches that we think should legitimately be Clothing optional – either through a message on here or through the website email, and I / We will ask for them to be taken into consideration in any review.

    For a start there is one down at Somers that I am vaguely aware of, one in Gippsland that had an oficially approved “trial day” last year, and a couple down near Portland / Warrnambool that are mentioned in “Bare Facts”.

    Any details people can send of these would be appreciated.

    But lets ask for others:
    The beach at “Sandgate” (Port Melb area) had a bad reputation for offensive behaviour – why don’t we ask them to clean it up and make it clothing optional – under the Act, the Minister can declare it so between dawn and dusk, which should keep it legit if it attracts enough crowds.

    Any others that we want?

    I doubt that we would get St Kilda or Elwood, but perhaps we should ask for a section near Kerfed Road, where topless and G-strings were pioneered on Melbourne beaches.

    What about inland? A part of Lake Eppalock would be good (and very handy for me), but its “normal” 160 km shoreline is down to about 5 km, so not much prospect unless we get rain of Biblical proportions!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  2. Comment by bendigonudey:

    Someone has suggested Kangaroo Ground, on the upper reaches of the Yarra.

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