Nudity and Plinths… eh?


If you’ve not heard about the “Fourth Plinth” in Trafalgar Square in London, it’s an empty statue plinth that has been used on and off as a place to host temporary art works and exhibitions, usually involving “live” acts. The most recent project titled “One & Other” put 2400 individuals on the plinth, 24×7, for an hour per person over 100 days. The participants could do pretty much whatever they wanted (within reason, and legality, we assume), and the whole project has had its share of fame and controversy.

So, why are we talking about an art project in London on an Australian nudist website? Because there were a number of participants that incorporated nudity as part of their contribution to the project. In a few cases it was purely part of the artistic presentation, but there were 3 clear participants who had nudity as their primary message. The first to go completely nude in the project was Suzanne Kane, who used the opportunity to take calls over Skype and talk to people about naturism. You can read an article she wrote in UK’s “Naturist Life” magazine – Click here. Suzanne was nude and seated for the entire hour we believe, and made the news as the first to go completely nude.

The second person generated a lot of interest – a participant named Simon, who managed to generate some controversy when a member of the public lodged a complaint against a naked male on the plinth – interesting how a naked male results in a complaint!! It would seem we are not alone in that observation, there’s quite a discussion going on regarding the legality of public nudity and complaints in the UK – Click here to read more. Simon was the first to be completely nude and be fully visible on the plinth (we believe), and there has been some commentary that if he was seated nude like Suzanne then perhaps the complaint would not have been made… we’ll never know!

The third participant was one we found particularly interesting – a young IT business owner going by the name of Lady God1va. LadyG decided to use her hour on the plinth to present a positive view of nudism, and how it is normal and natural. She alternated between riding a wooden rocking horse (the “Lady Godiva” aspect of here message – Google it if you are not familiar with the story of Lady Godiva, you young’uns!), walking around the plinth holding up placards with various “nudity is natural” messages, and chatting with the crowd in Trafalgar Square and answering their questions.

We were particularly impressed with LadyG because she presented her message well, handled the “questions” from the crowd with decorum and grace, and overall was a fantastic ambassador for nudists in general!! We want to say well done, and send a high-five your way – the world needs more people with your pragmatic and relaxed approach to nudity as being “completely normal”!

As a side note, we do not believe any complaints were made about Suzanne or LadyG.

If you want to see the hour of LadyG’s footage, here’s the link – Click Here (be aware that 60 mins of footage can take some time to load, it appears like it has hung your browser but just go and make a cup of tea and it should be running by the time you return!!)

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    There is a list of all of the nude participants here with links to videos of their performances:

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