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Naked and drinking tea?

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Since this site is dedicated to all things Victorian (and Australian), we admit we don’t know the FIRST thing about how things work in the UK!! Perhaps someone can help us with the “Dear Deidre” column in The Sun?? Based on a “letter” posted yesterday, we suspect Dear Deidre either gets the most interesting letters ever, or just makes them up!!

Case in point – I found my wife naked and drinking tea with our neighbour. You’ll need to read the letter for yourself, but we definitely detected an undertone in Deidre’s response that clearly mixes nudism with some sort of sexual undercurrent.

The quick summary is this – guy and his wife (non-nudists) suddenly find themselves with a home-renovating nudist next door. They become friends, everything is fine, but the husband is concerned because it would appear the neighbour’s nudist tendencies are affecting his wife. Sounds like the benefits of non-sexual social nudism are about to be promoted, until:

They’re both pushing the boundaries. Yes, naturists believe it’s normal to walk around unencumbered by clothes but clearly there’s a buzz going on between your wife and the neighbour – at the very least.

Simply banning the guy next door could drive their relationship underground and cause more trouble than it solves.

Eh? A minute ago he was a nudist and she was interested in participating, and suddenly there’s a potential sexual relationship going on?? The advice Deidre gives seems harmless on the surface, but is slightly unsettling when re-read a couple of times – Deidre seems to be suggesting to the clearly concerned husband that his wife is contemplating nudism because he isn’t delivering on their relationship!!

Perhaps we are just being over analytical – any thoughts? Check out the letter and decide for yourself!

The youth revolution continues!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Since our last post regarding the nudist youth revolution that our community needs, there have been even more articles posted on the topic! Mostly in the US, these articles all largely say the same thing – the youth are the future of nudism, and that future is unlikely to involve formalised clubs, fixed club locations, or “memberships” per se.

Check them all out, definitely worth the read (particularly for all the nudist traditionalists):

A while ago, we here at FBANAVic were discussing whether it was going to be enough to simply set up a Facebook page, to be a part of the youth demographic (not that we’re “old” here, us 30-somethings have teh skillz to maintain this site after all!!) – the reality is that social media is the tip of the youth generation iceberg! In order for social nudism to be acceptable in society, it needs to become commonplace and de-sexualised. Social media is helping with spreading interest and awareness, but the fact that most “participants” in nudism do so behind closed doors or in their backyards means it may never see the mainstream (particularly in Australia).

The youth revolution is a good thing – current traditional approaches are clearly not going anywhere fast, so surely anything different must be a positive?? We’re not sure Australia will even see the kinds of nude social events that happen in the US and Europe (such as nude dance parties, etc), but we suspect this country will head in a similar direction!


Wanted: One youth revolution

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Nudism globally is in a bit of a crisis – not a new issue perhaps, since we were writing about it a couple of years ago. But there has always been an underlying current of concern within the traditional nudist ranks – a recognition that the nudist demographic was aging, and the new membership uptake was not following at the same pace. It’s simple maths – more “official” nudists are dying than new “official” nudists are joining! And within that statement lies the crux of the problem – it would appear that there are plenty of people who are happy to be nude, and not many that consider themselves to be “official” nudists!

There’s been a recent flurry of news articles around the world talking about nudist communities and the challenges of attracting the youth demographic. And there’s been a number of articles about a little bit of a youth nudist storm brewing, in the form of Young Naturists America (YNA) and the other new youth players on the scene such as Vita Nuda.

We’re not going to go into a lot of analysis of these articles, you really need to read them yourself – and believe us, they are worth the read! Why? Because the Australian nudist/naturist scene is in exactly the same boat, on a smaller scale. We don’t get 5,000 nudists to our beaches on a weekend like they do on Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook (NJ), but you can be sure our “official” nudist count is dwindling! And the Australian challenge is that we do not have the groundswell momentum that seems to be happening in the US with the youth nudists – in fact, we’d be hard pressed to identify if the youth demographic in Australia is getting their kit off at all, anywhere (beaches or otherwise!).

Check out the articles here:

Back in January of 2007 (over 4 years ago!), an article was written but never published which did a high level analysis of the state of nudism in Australia. It was never published because others in the community thought it a little too blunt (this writer included!). Over 4 years later, we now wonder if that analysis should be published – if anyone wants to leave a comment suggesting they would like to see it, we’ll put it up. Our expectation of any feedback on this article at all is basically zero, like most articles before – we know from the site analytics that people are visiting and reading, but the participation rates are appalling!! Surely a sign that our little community is in dire need of an overhaul?

Check out the poll on the Young Naturist Association International (YNAI) – at the time of writing, there was almost 1600 votes in a poll asking “Is youth the future of the naturist lifestyle?” – an overwhelming 87% said youth is the future!! So what are the national associations (ANF and FBA) doing about it? What are the clubs doing about? Do the youth nudists even care about the structures that are in place nationally?? Would the youth nudist demographic even notice if the national structures and clubs ceased to exist?

Australia needs to sit up and take notice of the activity in the US and Europe – their nudist communities are larger, stronger, and have a much greater presence in both nude and textile society. There are lots of lessons to be learned, and the situation won’t improve itself!

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