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Moving home…

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Just a short post today, to gather some opinions – we’re thinking of merging this site with the national Free Beach Association site, but we’d like to hear your opinion first!

This site was intended to be a portal for Victorian information relating to our 4 official clothing optional beaches, as well as other locations around our state. With the most recent updates made to the FBA site, it might be practical and more central for us to include information specific to Victoria while also being part of the national portal.

Please let us know what you think – either leave a comment or drop us an email via the contacts page. If we don’t hear anything by next month, we’ll make it happen

Sydney nudist irks school next door

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

Last week, Sydney nudist Anya Petrovic was so annoyed by Manly Vale Public School cutting down trees that gave her back yard privacy, that she decided to hand out flyers to the parents, with a picture of herself in the altogether! According to one of the articles:

The full-frontal nudity flyer, which had a small black square covering her lower private parts, was also left on the windscreens of cars parked in the area.

Interesting issue – it’s commonplace to be naked in your home and even your backyard, and legislation mostly talks about being nude in public places (which your house is not). However, we also have to use common-sense – if you have houses overlooking your property, then you might want to take some additional steps to ensure your privacy (and it’s never a good plan to annoy your neighbours, you do have to live next to them!!).

In this case though, it was the school that cut down the trees – but it is unclear whether the trees themselves were providing the privacy, or just making the privacy better. If there is a fence already in place, it could be argued that the students would have to go out of their way to looking into the nudists yard – is there a law against going out of your way to look into someone’s backyard?

From a nudist perspective, it’s easy to understand Anya’s frustration. However, the article implies there’s more of a story there – it mentions that the nudist couple had asked the school to replace the trees, so perhaps handing out flyers was part of that issue not being resolved? We’re speculating here of course, but we welcome comments and opinions!

Check out the articles yourself, here and here and here

But to the crux of the story – should Anya have handed out flyers at all??

Nude Beach for Gold Coast?

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

It would appear the push for a legal nude beach on the Gold Coast is active again – check out the article on the Gold Coast Times “Nudists call for Coast beach sites”.

Dr Les Rootsey is quoted in the article, which is short but says what it needs to – and pleasantly avoids any social stereotyping or poor puns that we’ve seen in Victorian media in the past!

More interesting though is the reader poll, and the reader comments. The poll (at the time of writing this) had 70% of readers in favour of the idea. But a couple of the comments readers have made a quite fascinating!!

Show your support and vote in the poll, and we’ll keep a watch on developments!

Update: Another article from a couple of days ago, pointing out that Queensland tourist dollars are heading down the coast to Byron Bay, highlights that nude beaches are actually tourist money spinners – a fact well supported in the US (Gunnison Beach NJ is one of the largest around), and Europe (Cape D’Agde in France is an entire nudist town!). Click here to read the entire article.

Free Beach Association of Victoria

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

In the process of helping out the FBA a little, we discovered today that the “Free Beach Association of Victoria Inc” is actually currently registered with ASIC?? You can check it out yourself here on this link.

First registered in Feb 1994 (!), that’s about all the info we have – does anyone have any additional information? We were advised a few years back that FBAVic was no more, so we’re not sure what this latest find actually means!

Contact us via the contact page if you don’t have an account, new user registration is still disabled pending a better spam registration robot solution!

The youth revolution continues!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Since our last post regarding the nudist youth revolution that our community needs, there have been even more articles posted on the topic! Mostly in the US, these articles all largely say the same thing – the youth are the future of nudism, and that future is unlikely to involve formalised clubs, fixed club locations, or “memberships” per se.

Check them all out, definitely worth the read (particularly for all the nudist traditionalists):

A while ago, we here at FBANAVic were discussing whether it was going to be enough to simply set up a Facebook page, to be a part of the youth demographic (not that we’re “old” here, us 30-somethings have teh skillz to maintain this site after all!!) – the reality is that social media is the tip of the youth generation iceberg! In order for social nudism to be acceptable in society, it needs to become commonplace and de-sexualised. Social media is helping with spreading interest and awareness, but the fact that most “participants” in nudism do so behind closed doors or in their backyards means it may never see the mainstream (particularly in Australia).

The youth revolution is a good thing – current traditional approaches are clearly not going anywhere fast, so surely anything different must be a positive?? We’re not sure Australia will even see the kinds of nude social events that happen in the US and Europe (such as nude dance parties, etc), but we suspect this country will head in a similar direction!


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